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LaTeX support for yinitas font


there had been a complaint about the old german initials
font `yinit', which contains numerous bugs.  The corrected
version `yinitas', however, is not supported by the official
LaTeX package `oldgerm.sty', so I have decided to put my
private package `fraktur.sty' into the CTAN.

It supports the old german fonts `Fraktur' and `Schwabacher'
and the `yinitas' initials.  In contrast to oldgerm.sty the
fonts are completely integrated into the NFSS and the
package works together with german.sty.  The package comes
as a dtx (source) file, together with an installation
script, full documentation (in german -- sorry)  and a test

The files may be found in the directory 


at ftp.tex.ac.uk or the CTAN mirror sites.


Walter Schmidt (wschmi@ibm.net)
Schornbaumstrasse 2
91052 Erlangen