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Release: ec fonts version 1.0

Announcement: Stable ec fonts available now

There are now the stable ec fonts Version 1.0 available from the CTAN 
archives in directory


The ec fonts support the complete LaTeX T1 encoding, as defined at the 1990 
TUG conference hold at Cork/Ireland. They are intended to be as stable as 
the cm fonts are, i. e. there shall be no more changes to the tfm files.

The ec fonts also contain a Text Companion Symbol font, called tc, 
featuring many usefull characters needed in typesetting, for example 
oldstyle digits, currency symbols (including the newly created Euro 
symbol), the permille sign, copyright, trade mark and servicemark as well 
as a copyleft sign, and many others.

The upcoming release of LaTeX2e will support the ec fonts.

The dc fonts, which were termed as preliminary versions, will dissappear 
>From the archives soon. It is suggested, that you replace them entirely by 
the ec fonts.

Let me thank to all the people who have contributed to the success of the 
ec font project. They are too numerous to mention all of them, but some 
of them should have a place here:

Donald E. Knuth and Richard Southall for designing and coding the cm fonts,
     which are the base of the ec fonts
Babrbara Beeton, Michael Ferguson, and Jan-Michael Rynning for pushing the 
     project into existence
Norbert Schwarz for the first two releases of the dc fonts
Yannis Haralambous for numerous contributions to the METAFONT code
Boguslaw Jackowsky and Marek Rycko for designing and programming the polish 
Andreas Schwab for finding and fixing some very bad bugs
Daniel Taupin and Denis Roegel for fine-tuning of the accented letters 
      needed in french

The remaining errors and bugs in the distribution are all mine, no one of 
the persons credited above and the other unnamed contributors should be 
blamed for them.

--J"org Knappen.