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Re: psnfss and lw35nfss

KNAPPEN@vkpmzd.kph.uni-mainz.de writes:
 > > you should ask Jorg to add them to the TS1 encoding, i think. then
 > > they could be accessed (the textcomp support here isnt finished yet,
 > > by the way)
 > There are some Adode characters which I purposefully left out of the TS1 
 > encoding. It is a volunteer task (volunteer needed) to fill them into 
 > another encoding called TSA (Text symbols Adobe).
 > Those symbols contain specially the sub or superscripted signs.

Frank Mittelbach and Chris Rowley were arguing about this, how to best
support the true TS1, the adobe subset, and the expert extras. Please,
if anyone can work on it, it would be great, but make sure you talk to
Jorg and the LaTeX3 people!