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Re: psnfss and lw35nfss

    > Nice to see some dotlessj files in the tools directory. How do I use them? 
    > The 7t/8t/8r/8c metrics don't seem to contain a dotlessj.

   read the comments in the .sh file. i considered implementing this as
   standard for all fonts, but i got cold feet thinking about checksums
   and the like. do people think its vital to get it done?

No.  Because PostScript trickery is only of use on UNIX or if you 
don't care about preview.  After all what are called `PostScript'
fonts on comp.text.tex are called `ATM fonts' in the rest of the
world, and while ATM provides better by far rasterization than any
PS interpreter - public domain or commercial - ATM does not include
a PS interpreter and so cannot handle `PS trickery'.  Hence on
IBM PC/Windows and Macintosh such `fonts' (Type 3) are useless.

Also, as pointed out in my other message, there is no such 
character as `dotlessj' :=)  Check it out, read UNICODE 2.0.

Regards, Berthold.