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No Subject

Berthold K. P. Horn writes:
 > It is not just Textures, it is any system that uses fonts that do
 > not have dotlessj without invoking a PS interpreter.  Don't be so

 > Sigh, I feel like i am beating a dead horse :=)
no, i at least am on your side here

 > But actually I could care less.  This is purely academic for me.
 > (1) I don't use dotlessj, (2) the fonts I most use do have a 
 > dotlessj, (3) DVIWindo can reencode Type 1 fonts to expose the
 > dotlessj (even though they are not in Mac or Windows standard
 > character set) and (4) if	i needed jcircumflex or jcaron
 > I would use Lucida Bright Latin, Lucida Sans Latin, and Lucida

i am in your camp with this as well.....