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Re: [KNAPPEN@VKPMZD.kph.Uni-Mainz.DE: Re: psnfss and lw35nfss]

Thierry Bouche writes:
 > & They can't prevent mathematicians from inventing  thousands of new
 > notations when required ? You for sure know that the \hat / \vector
you cant prevent people doing what they like, sure. 

 > never seen in any language? So forgetting a dotlessj in Unicode, as
 > base for any accented variations of \j is an error. I don't know
my attitude is that we should be mainstream in TeX world, not go our
own way because we think Unicode isnt right. we should do through the
normal channels to change it, not just rage in the outer darkness
and implement ghetto solutions (do i sound like Berthold yet?)

 > abroad, but here in France, any teenager has used the basis 
 > (\vec \i, \vec\j) of the euclidean plane once.
when i was a teenager
 a) i didnt typeset *anything*
 b) i didnt know what a euclidean plane was (still dont, in fact)
 c) i spent my time reading literature not thinking about maths notation

funny lot your young people are!