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Re: psnfss and lw35nfss

   if we spend the same amount of time & energy on any charachter as what
   we did for dotlessj, I'm quite anxious for the day we go unicode!


I am strangely reminded of the long discussion in the DVI driver
standards committee on such topics as what to do about TeX's limit of
65536 pages in any one job and whether to print a blank page or just
leave it out.  And whether the minimum acceptable DVI push down
stack should be 64 or 100 deep (most jobs use 3 to 7 levels).

Which is perhaps why today we do not have standardization of
\special{...}, not even for inclusion of EPS figures (DVIPSONE and
DVIWindo have to support *twelve* different ways as a result).
Not to mention fontnaming and font encoding issues which still
hang around to haunt us.

Ah well, it so much easier to discuss dotlessj than any real
substantive issues, so lets get on with it :=)