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Re: psnfss and lw35nfss

   Thierry Bouche writes:

    > if we spend the same amount of time & energy on any charachter as what
    > we did for dotlessj, I'm quite anxious for the day we go unicode!

   and its obscured the important questions (for me) which are
    a) do we want black boxen for missing characters in a font?
       or just TeX and dvips warnings
    b) are the kermings in 8r.mtx bad, as Thierry suggests


In own opinion a TFM file should not lie.  If there is no character
this should be what the TFM file says.

And TeX should announce the missing character *and* its context on
screen.  I know this goes against modifying TeX in any way, but surely
this is just useful informational stuff added on that does not affect
the TRIP test?  Naturally it would be a while before all TeX
implementations do this...