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Re: psnfss and lw35nfss

Berthold K. P. Horn writes:
 > Which I suppose is why there is PSNFSS support for Lucida Bright and
 > Lucida New Math and Lucida Bright Expert and MathTime 1.1 and MathTime
 > Plus :=)?
they are loaded in my printer, on the hard disk!

 > What are we talking about here?  The stuff in the PSNFSS package in
 > LaTeX 2e?
 > The basic mechanism for providing support for `new' fonts? 
i think we are talking about AFM to TFM conversion, actually, to be
honest. thats what started this thread, me asking people to comment on
my new set of TFM/VF files for the 35 LW fonts.

so yes
 > Or those huge trees of TFM, VF 

 > i feel sorry for people whose only way of dealing with preview is to
 > use a PS rasterizer :=)

who cares (much) about preview? thats not the product. what i want is
paper, or PDF (ie more or less full PostScript), or SGML. Much as I
respect ATM, and your excellent previewer that uses it I am
looking forward to using it seriously when my new computer arrives), I
think it is the tail wagging the dog. I can't imagine going back to the
bad old days before my pages were described in PostScript, thanks.