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Re: psnfss and lw35nfss

    > Which I suppose is why there is PSNFSS support for Lucida Bright and
    > Lucida New Math and Lucida Bright Expert and MathTime 1.1 and MathTime
    > Plus :=)?

   they are loaded in my printer, on the hard disk!

OK, funny man!  You and how many others do this?
(Also, if you are using partial font downloading there seems little point).

   who cares (much) about preview? 

Naturally you wouldn't care if the `preview' is low quality :=) and slow.
Personally I dislike the term PREview.
On a high res screen (admidtly expensive) the quality can be superb.
And it feel just as comfortable reading that as paper (without wasting trees
or filling my waste-basket).

   thats not the product. what i want is
   paper, or PDF (ie more or less full PostScript), or SGML. 

Well, I can see your perspective.  You are working for a publisher,
who (still) is making a certain end product.  Although that also
will change to some degree real soon now.  And PDF doesn't mean
`PostScript' fonts.  It can handle TrueType for example (although
personally I wouldn't do this).

I was pleasantly surprised just recently when I got onto AMS web
site http://www.ams.org and checked out their free MathSciNet
trial.  This has DVI and PS (no PDF :=(.  As soon as I clicked
on the DVI file, Netscape loaded up DVIWindo and I had a clear view
of the article in about two seconds (these are very just reviews - 
not long papers)!

While I sing the praises of PDF, I have to say that if you have no 
included figures and only use CM fonts this is pretty neat and fast since
DVI is so compact.  And you sure care about `preview' in this situation
(yes, you can also print it from DVIWindo, but why bother?)

   Much as I respect ATM, and your excellent previewer that uses it I am
   looking forward to using it seriously when my new computer arrives), I
   think it is the tail wagging the dog. I can't imagine going back to the
   bad old days before my pages were described in PostScript, thanks. 

By the way, don't badmouth ATM:  what do you think is in Acrobat Reader :=)
Depending on the version, it either links to an external ATM or has ATM
built in.  Which is why it looks so good :=).