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Re: psnfss and lw35nfss

Berthold K. P. Horn writes:
 > On a high res screen (admidtly expensive) the quality can be superb.
 > And it feel just as comfortable reading that as paper (without wasting trees
 > or filling my waste-basket).
thats what PDF is for, with all the facilities of PostScript!

 > Well, I can see your perspective.  You are working for a publisher,
 > who (still) is making a certain end product.  Although that also
 > will change to some degree real soon now.  
is that a threat :-}

who do you propose to replace publishers? (no, lets not start that
debate on here!)

 > And PDF doesn't mean
 > `PostScript' fonts.  It can handle TrueType for example (although
 > personally I wouldn't do this).
true. fine by me
 > on the DVI file, Netscape loaded up DVIWindo and I had a clear view
 > of the article in about two seconds (these are very just reviews - 
 > not long papers)!
or graphics.... (and dont say TIFF to me)

 > While I sing the praises of PDF, I have to say that if you have no 
 > included figures and only use CM fonts this is pretty neat and fast since
which rules out more or less every article we (Elsevier, teh largest
scientific publisher in the world) generate...