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Re: 8r fonts

> Do interested parties want to try ftp.tex.ac.uk:incoming/psnfss-beta/*.zip
> and tear it to pieces again?
No need. I can confirm: checksums ok, kerning and ligatures in 8r ok,
character 23 not defined in 8t.

> the 8r.mtx is changed as Thierry suggested. Comments?
Major improvement.

However, may I ask for the opinion about the following (not new in the beta-
release): the faked small caps contain the pseudo-ligatures ff, fi, etc at
the correct positions, but they also *use* them by ligs in the tfm. Is this
really intended? It is not what is done in eccc (of course, these are *real*
small caps). Compare the visual appearence and the result of \textsc{Office 
Of{}f{}ice \char'33 ff} in ecc and ptmrc8t. (Is this a hidden punishment for 
people using faked small caps? ;-)