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Re: 8r fonts

> Do interested parties want to try ftp.tex.ac.uk:incoming/psnfss-beta/*.zip
> and tear it to pieces again?
> sebastian

Here a summary of problems, as reported by my new verifycs PERL Script,
found the second beta-release of Sebastian's psfonts (as of 970212):

 (1) dvips/psnfss.map
     some names are defined more than once, either with identical
     definitions (psyr, pzcmi8r) or with different definitions (phvro8rn).

 (2) a whole bunch of `missing FONTCHECKSUM' errors in VF files. When a VF
     file references another font it should contain the checksum of the
     TFM file. For example the ptmr.vpl references the ptmr8r font
     without such a FONTCHECKSUM line.
	   (FONTNAME ptmr8r)
	   (FONTCHECKSUM O ooooooooo)  <=== missing
	   (FONTAT R 1.0)
	   (FONTDSIZE R 10.0)

  (3) incorrect checksums are reported for phvb8r.tfm (and some other
      Helvetica fonts). Problem may be caused by the fact that mine
      versions of AFM files differ from those Sebastian is using. If you
      send me Helvetica-Bold.afm I will check.

  (4) different versions of verifycs. Let us keep the latest one. Because
      the place for 8r.enc has changed from tools/8r.enc to ./8r.enc I
      changed the default for ENCPATH into
         $ENCPATH = ".:tools//";

Success with solving the problems,


Piet Tutelaers