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gs35nfss (was: for sake of internet's anarch\j)

Well i've done a independant distribution using the most recent tools
of A. Jeffrey/S. Rahtz & based on the 35 standard PS fonts in their
URW version that is distributed with ghostscript 4.  The purpose of
this is to provide a set of usable metrics (resp. packages) so that
people on any platform can play with them and test the new features
like BD's dotlessj. The names of the fonts are the usual ones except
that the leading p is replaced by an u. True charachters are width
compatible with the lw35 distribution but not necessarily faked ones.
URW has a much improved kerning scheme (at least for german) so that
it could be worth using these metrics even with the standard printer
fonts (a map file is provided to do that). I also provide a times.sty
for (in)compatibility.

The full archive (it's not a TDS tree: you could
have to move some files by hand &/or use the CTAN-to-TDS script by
sebastian) contains a README file, it's on

Thanks  for commenting on this issue _after_ the tests, and thanks for
testing this interface on platforms it's not made for a priori.

PS J%org, I've added the 16 fontdimen, but what the hell is cap_stem?

   Thierry Bouche.       -----       thierry.bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr