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Re: gs35nfss (was: for sake of internet's anarch\j)

    Well i've done a independant distribution using the most recent tools


    of A. Jeffrey/S. Rahtz & based on the 35 standard PS fonts in their

It would be good to include Charter and Utopia, too, if possible.
(And the two other oddball free fonts from URW if you want to go all out.)

Does it include PK's?  Having prebuilt PK's at some reasonable set of
sizes would be much appreciated by many people.

    URW has a much improved kerning scheme (at least for german) so that
    it could be worth using these metrics even with the standard printer

It would probably be good for u*.tfm to have URW's improved metrics,
and p*.tfm to have the standard metrics.  That way people can choose.

    The full archive (it's not a TDS tree: you could

It would be good to make an archive that people can simply download and
unpack; better for one person to put in the work to make it
tds-compliant than every installer.


BTW, I've never understood what `nfss' had to do with this stuff, necessarily.
Can't it just be `gstexfonts.tar.gz' or some such?

Whatever.  Thanks for all the work,