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Re: gs35nfss

hmmm what i've done was never meant to be an alternative or whatever
to sebastian's work, it's simply given as an example of concrete
implementation of the things we talked about. *so that people can test*
instead of discussing endlessly more or less accurate philosophies.
Is there really a point in doing once more the charter/utopia fonts?

i choosed to install from the urw fonts because dotlessj requires more
or less ghostscript, so it's the rasterized fonts however, also to
test their kerning. 

What you find is the tex interface for the urw fonts, but as the pfb's
are more or less equivalent, I think you can use this interface for
printing with adobe fonts as well (you use the same tfm's/vf's but you
change the dvips' map). 

i agree that most of this has nothing to do with nfss, i've put 8r
bitmaps as sebastian (made with gsftopk, they have a dotlessj, and
they are complete for a 600dpi use of latex at 10pt, i would be
gratefull if someone reports testing these on non postscript devices).

i must say that as is, my archive is maybe not mature for wide
publication, its purpose is really an actual basis for discussion, but
without deadline, and we shouldn't disturb sebastian's more serious work
with this.

as it is now, it's large (16Mb) because it contains PS test files
showing the bitmaps of all the fonts at 11pt, so that you could
compare with what you are able to preview/rasterize with the
corresponding DVI on your system.

Thank you for your attention. 

   Thierry Bouche.       -----       thierry.bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr