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Re: 8r fonts

>                (FONTCHECKSUM O ooooooooo)  <=== missing
> vptovf doesn't put this in?

VPtoVF *can* put them into the VF font. One has to be carefull that the
TFM search path includes the (correct) fonts.

The VPL and PL psfonts are generated with fontinst. The checksums were
generated with addchecksum (a PERL script) in combination with the cs
utility. I remember that one has to be very carefull with generating
virtual fonts. Especially the order in which fonts are generated is
very important. And one has to be very carefull with cleaning fonts because
they may be referenced elsewhere.

Virtual fonts are complex by there nature.  A lot of the complexity in
generating them is caused by the fact that fontinst can not generate
proper checksums. PERL would be a much better tool to handle all the PS
font stuff. And it is not too late to rewrite fontinst into PERL.

With the help of VERIFYCS (and cs) it should now be possible to trace
all incorrect and/or missing checksums.