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Re: 8r fonts

Piet Tutelaers writes:
 > VPtoVF *can* put them into the VF font.
if the included fonts have checksums, presumably

 > The VPL and PL psfonts are generated with fontinst. The checksums were
 > generated with addchecksum (a PERL script) in combination with the cs
the majority of the `psnfss' metrics were generated with my Perl
scripts (incorporating addchecksum) which use fontinst. with them
there is no problem. then we have that small renegade band of
non-8r-named fonts which are generated using afm2tfm and the script
afm-to-tfm. thats what i never checked when i rebuilt the whole lot,
and havent done so yet

 > Virtual fonts are complex by there nature.  A lot of the complexity in
 > generating them is caused by the fact that fontinst can not generate
 > proper checksums. PERL would be a much better tool to handle all the PS
 > font stuff. And it is not too late to rewrite fontinst into PERL.
trouble is, so few people work in this area that it isnt anyone's high
priority to make it work.

using web2c 7's new ability to do system commands might be the
quickest answer, as then fontinst could run cs as needed