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Re: Unicode and math symbols


   Just a few questions to you to clarify matters:

   Does this dependence of OSs on the Unicode standard mean that whenever
   Unicode changes, everyone needs a new version of the OS or just new
   font-files, or what?

I guess I forgot to answer this: Yes, it has already happened the
T1 installer in NT maps fi and fl to F001 and F002 (UNICODE 1.1.x)
while ATM NT maps them to FB01 and FB02 (UNICODE 2.0).

This is why it is so important to get as many of these issue resolved
*long* before anyone ever starts using this sort of stuff.  Like if
we decide in the next millenium that UNICODE may be useful for TeX,
then  it  would be too late to agitate for inclusion of additional 
characters at *that* point.