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Re: Unicode and math symbols


It seesm unlikely that Microsoft and whoever:

a: will take any notice of Unicode when they do not wish to;

b: intend (or wish) their OS support for fonts to be used for
typographic purposes.

So the automation of high-quality typography (on paper, screnn,
ballons or etc>) in an OS-independent way should not use such OS
support for 16-bit fonts.  If it does it will always have to change as
whoever decides.

Note that this does not imply that Unicode is irrelevant; its use as the
internal coding, as in Omega, seems sensible and fits in with it
becoming a standard for information exchange.

Neither does this mean that there are not other reasons for trying to
change Unicode because it has ben usurped in this way; but that need
not, and perhaps should not, be related to omega/TeX uses of 16-bit
character encodings.

And there are certainly reasons for trying to improve it as a
character encoding.