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Re: AFMs for BlueSky CM Type 1 PS fonts...

Melissa O'Neill writes:
 > of time talking about Unicode and `dotless j's, but haven't mentioned
 > one of the most interesting developments of late, namely BlueSky's
 > donation of it's type 1 CM fonts to the public domain. Perhaps the
i suppose because technically it isn't news at all. interesting
politically, agreed.  since we have had BaKoMa for a couple of years,
what we have now is just a bit better quality, yes?

 > (Reminds me of how the addition of partial font downloading to dvips
 > passed by just as quietly.)
it still has problems, i'd say :-}

 > and one for ATM users, but no complete distribution. What I mean here
 > is that we're missing the AFM files for these fonts; it's true that
good gracious, is this true? i am amazed. i hadnt looked, i assumed
they existed