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Re: AFMs for Blue Sky CM/PS fonts...

Melissa O'Neill wrote:
> As things stand, however, I see a problem with the current distribution
> of these fonts. We currently have one distribution for Macintosh users
> and one for ATM users, but no complete distribution. What I mean here
> is that we're missing the AFM files for these fonts; it's true that
> there are tools that could generate AFM files both from the Mac font
> bundles and from the PFM files, and even perhaps from the original TFM
> files, yet I would have thought there would be canonical AFM files from
> the creation of the font that may very well be more complete than any
> of these.
> Does anyone here (Berthold, for example?) have these AFM files that they
> could make available?

We do have some around here (somewhere), but the Macintosh distribution
is all we've put up so far, and I don't know of any Mac apps that use AFM
files [except Textures ;].  (I don't understand Melissa's comments re
separate distributions for ATM and Macintosh users.  Do I really need to?)

FWIW, our AFM files were created "after the fact", not in any way as
part of the font production process; in fact they were created specifically
because the NeXT font system required them for installation.

> Currently, I feel that my best bet may be to keep
> the AFM files from the BaKoMa fonts and use those (?).

This sounds just excellent.  I know of nothing that should be different
in the AFM files for these fonts.  (Except, perhaps, some of the comments
identifying copyright, producer, version, etc.)

Barry Smith, Blue Sky Research