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Re: AFMs for Blue Sky CM/PS fonts...

   > Does anyone here (Berthold, for example?) have these AFM files that they
   > could make available?

   We do have some around here (somewhere), but the Macintosh distribution
   is all we've put up so far, and I don't know of any Mac apps that use AFM
   files [except Textures ;].  (I don't understand Melissa's comments re
   separate distributions for ATM and Macintosh users.  Do I really need to?)

   FWIW, our AFM files were created "after the fact", not in any way as
   part of the font production process; in fact they were created specifically
   because the NeXT font system required them for installation.

Hmm, not quite, FONTONE which was to tell for the final output depends
critically on the AFM files :=).

   > Currently, I feel that my best bet may be to keep
   > the AFM files from the BaKoMa fonts and use those (?).

   This sounds just excellent.  I know of nothing that should be different
   in the AFM files for these fonts.  (Except, perhaps, some of the comments
   identifying copyright, producer, version, etc.)

They are different.  Please don't use them. 
They do not have all the fields needed by DPS e.g.
Wait for AMS to decide what to do with the AFM files.

As Barry says, they are *only* needed for Display PostScript.

A related question is whether PFA files should be posted as well,
since DPS needs those.  Although it is easy to convert PFA to PFB
and vice versa using some PD software.

Berthold Horn.