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Re: AFMs for Blue Sky CM/PS fonts...

Barry Smith writes:
 > just out of curiosity, what are the differences?
the AMS stuff, basically

 > thanks.  imho, the "best effect" of the public availability
 > of these fonts is to make DVI a responsible format for publications
i  think i take that with a pinch of salt... it'll take much more than
that to make anyone use DVI! (IMHO)

 > technically, the hinting
 > is -quite- noticeable with a rendering engine at screen resolutions,
 > but irrelevant for print resolution.
yes, i am sure your stuff is better, i am glad i can now use it

 >   and, of course the BaKoMa fonts
 > are not freely distributable; wonder if that will change?
i think thats always been a joke. Basil has been out of it for some
time, and i dont believe he ever really thought through his conditions