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Re: AFMs for BlueSky CM Type 1 PS fonts...

I wrote:
>> [We] haven't mentioned one of the most interesting developments of
>> late, namely BlueSky's donation of it's type 1 CM fonts to the public
>> domain.

... and Berthold K.P. Horn replied:
> Some corrections: it was not quite a `donation', AMS, SIAM, Springer,
> BSR and Y&Y worked out some arrangement for this to happen.  All
> parties should get credit.  I assume that AMS is preparing some kind
> of announcement.
> And the fonts are *not* in the public domain, they have AMS copyright.
> The intents is to have them be used freely, but it is important to
> retain the copyright to prevent mischief and misuse.

Well, there seem to be some wires crossed somewhere, since the README
file on CTAN states quite clearly that they're now in the public domain.

>From the README, written by Barry Smith of Blue Sky Research.
| Computer Modern PostScript fonts released to the public domain
| PORTLAND, OREGON --- We of Blue Sky Research are delighted to
| announce the release, into the public domain, of a complete set of
| the typefaces of Computer Modern in the form of 75 PostScript text
| and symbol fonts.

... it goes on to say:

| These fonts may be used in any fashion for any purpose, and may be
| redistributed by anyone who wishes.  We ask only one restriction: if
| you make derivative versions of these fonts, or change them in any way,
| kindly _remove_ our copyright notices.

... which to me, given the above, has the tone of a `respectful request'
rather than anything with any legal power for enforcement behind it (i.e.
if they are in the public domain, people don't have to respect the
request to remove the copyright notices when changes are made).