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Re: AFMs for BlueSky CM Type 1 PS fonts...

Melissa O'Neill wrote:
> Well, there seem to be some wires crossed somewhere, since the README
> file on CTAN states quite clearly that they're now in the public domain.
> | These fonts may be used in any fashion for any purpose, and may be
> | redistributed by anyone who wishes.  We ask only one restriction: if
> | you make derivative versions of these fonts, or change them in any way,
> | kindly _remove_ our copyright notices.
> ... which to me, given the above, has the tone of a `respectful request'
> rather than anything with any legal power for enforcement behind it (i.e.
> if they are in the public domain, people don't have to respect the
> request to remove the copyright notices when changes are made).

no offense intended, but if you think I have any interest in
make-work for lawyers, ...  ;-)

if there -is- a practical problem, it will be up to the AMS to
resolve it.  it would seem to require malice to create a problem, no?