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Re: AFMs for BlueSky CM Type 1 PS fonts...

   Barry writes, regarding his README:

   > no offense intended, but if you think I have any interest in
   > make-work for lawyers, ...  ;-)
   > if there -is- a practical problem, it will be up to the AMS to
   > resolve it.  it would seem to require malice to create a problem, no?

   It is exactly because I'd rather not see lawyers getting much work
   from me I tend to be very careful how I phrase copyright notices and

   Also, I think that there's plenty of malice out there in the world,
   plenty of foolishness, and plenty of people out to make a buck they
   didn't earn. Any of these might create a problem, time will tell, of
   course -- most likely no one will care enough about the TeX community
   to make any trouble at all.



Well, based on this kind of thinking, we *only* put in 

/Notice (Copyright (c) 1997 American Mathematical Society. 
All Rights Reserved) readonly def

None of the extra verbage about modifying and renaming.  I think we 
should let AMS decide what they will allow or not allow and not enshrine 
that data in the font itself.  Much too dangerous.  (The above is in the
IBM PC version now and will shortly be in the Mac version).

Regards, Berthold.