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Re: AFMs for Blue Sky CM/PS fonts...

   Date: Wed, 05 Mar 1997 17:30:41 -0800
   From: Barry Smith <barry@bluesky.com>
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   Organization: Blue Sky Research
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   Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
   > unless your OS is case insensitive, as all are except Unix (?). i
   > cannot, for instance, preserve the Blue Sky / BaKoMa distinction by
   > name case on a CD-ROM

   actually there's a dirty little secret here, in that the Macintosh
   OS requires the (internal) PostScript font names to be upper-case
   so that it can resolve the (external) filename containing the actual
   PostScript font.  I don't know of any way to avoid this; perhaps
   it would be best to change the BaKoMa names to be consistent, where
   this is required and permissible.  Another 'solution' (that may not
   be possible) is to modify the fonts so as to install themselves
   under both names in the font dictionary.  Berthold?

The short answer is that it can't be done.  

The long one is that you can set up two PFM files for one PFB and then
have two names appear in font menus.  But this is *gauranteed* to
break something in some version of ATM or some brain-dead application.
There are already enough reasons for things to break :=) thank you.

But the case of the *file* name is a separate issue from that of the
PS FontName.  Fortunately, I don't care about either one, sincem while
Windows FaceNames *are* case sensitive, DVIWindo ignores the case
just to deal with this kind of thing.

Regards, Berthold.