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a pinch of sugar

Barry wrote:

 > thanks.  imho, the "best effect" of the public availability
 > of these fonts is to make DVI a responsible format for publications

Sebastien replies:

 > i  think i take that with a pinch of salt... it'll take much more than
 > that to make anyone use DVI! (IMHO)

Take it with a pinch of sugar.  There IS much more.  Barry
Smith has just made Textures Reader freely available.  Where
browsing/reading of complex scientific typeography is
concerned, I hold Textures to be the WORLD'S BEST READER
--- on *any* platform.

Rumors of the death of TeX's efficient DVI format are propoganda no
more noble then the persistent PC originating rumors of the death of
the rival Macintosh.


Larry Siebenmann