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Re: MF ==> (PS type1)

Laurent Siebenmann writes:
 > Neena Bulawaya (sp?),  Damian Cugley, Yannis Haralambous, Doug
 > Henderson, Bogislav Jakowsky, Silvio Levy, Joerg Knappen, Pierre
 > Mackay, Ralph Smith, Goergia Tobin, and other accomplished metafont
 > programmer-artists are surely flattered to hear they have a rare
the fact that you can list the practitioners surely makes the point?

 > From my own scientist's point of view, I note that essentially all
 > math fonts usable with TeX originate in Metafont and all too
can you point us at a math font which is *not* useable with TeX?

 > MathTime.  Well, there is one detail you all aught to know: MathTime
 > was originally done in MetaFont by Georgia Tobin of MetaFoundry
you are not implying that Spivak converted something by Tobin? if not,
whats the relevance?

 > As absolute last resort in the small Type 1 world, one has Lucida
 > Math by Biggelow & Holmes. But isn't there a Metafont ancestry
 > there too?
absolutely not! and why a last resort? why `small Type1 world'?