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pdftex mailing list

As many people are already aware, there is now a version of TeX available
which produces PDF format instead of dvi. This comes from a project at
Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, and is the work of Han The
Thanh, under the supervision of Petr Sojka and Jiri Zlatuska.

The sources of tex2pdf (pdftex)  are on CTAN, in systems/tex2pdf, as a
patch/addition to the Web2c 7.0 setup. It is still under development,
and anyone preparing to use it should be prepared to compile it
themselves at this stage (on more or less any Unix system). A compiled
binary for Windows NT/95 should be available soon.

PLEASE do not jump into this stuff without accepting it as beta
status. I don't think Han The Thanh will thank me if announcements like
this get him deluged with mail saying `where is the Mac version' or

In order to help promulgate information about this development, and
exchange ideas, the TeX Users Group  is hosting a mailing list. If you
want to join, send a mail message to



 subscribe pdftex

I am the moderator of this list, and will endeavour to provide all the
help I can.

Sebastian Rahtz
Secretary, TUG