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new CM instances

      ***      Super-Saulter and Multimaster CM      ***      

     OK, so we have counted up to four font systems for TeX : CM, Euler,
MathTime, Lucida Math , and all are available in type 1.

     But only one of them is meta, namely CM.  Metal typesetting tradition,
and my own experience indicate that meta-ness --- the evolution of
character shape as point size changes (notably for indices) --- is *highly*

     So in some sense CM is the only *top quality* math system for TeX.

     How many of the thousands of type 1 prose fonts marry happily with one
of the above 4.  Not many I fear.  I demand *at least* reasonable agreement
between prose and math of  (aspect ratio) and (weight), where

            (aspect ratio) := x-height/X-height
            (weight) :=  (black area) / (width * height)  averaged

CHALLENGE :  Build a  (metafont/Adobe) multi-parameter font system of
(Saulter/multimaster) type in style CM that allows one to vary
*at least* the following parameters (point size), (aspect ratio), (weight)
within useful limits.

      The aim is to produce new instances of CM that match many of the
existing type 1 prose fonts.

      This would surely be used for books exploiting refreshingly unfamiliar
type 1 prose fonts, and it would therefore be a *saleable* product.

                                  Larry Siebenmann