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Re: new CM instances

Laurent Siebenmann writes:
 >      But only one of them is meta, namely CM.  Metal typesetting tradition,
 > and my own experience indicate that meta-ness --- the evolution of
 > character shape as point size changes (notably for indices) --- is *highly*
excuse me, but that isnt Meta-ness, in my book. Metaness is being able
to generate a new font family by tweaking a top level driver file,
isnt it?

 >      So in some sense CM is the only *top quality* math system for TeX.
in a useful sense?

 >       The aim is to produce new instances of CM that match many of the
 > existing type 1 prose fonts.
the problem only requires math symbols to be done, then, i assume?

 >       This would surely be used for books exploiting refreshingly unfamiliar
 > type 1 prose fonts, and it would therefore be a *saleable* product.

technically, yes. but as Berthold and Spivak know, making a living
sell high-quality math fonts is a dangerous occupation!