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Re: kern pairs in CM fonts TFM

The author of a META-FONT actually has controll over this, alltho it looks 
rather like a misfeature of MF than anything else. However, since 
presumably the kerning ist judged a posteriori from the printouts, I don't
think that it really introduces bugs.

The relevant bit of METAFONT syntax is:

(from roman.mf)

 ligtable "k": if serifs: "v": "a" kern -u#, fi\\"w": "e" kern k#,
  "a" kern k#, "o" kern k#, "c" kern k#;

The MF syntax is very close to the PL (and TFM) syntax here. The statement 
looks very contrieved (note the if going in there...).

--J"org Knappen.