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Re: kern pairs in CM fonts TFM

Bernd Raichle <raichle@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de> said:

> I have made prototypical reimplementation of TeX's ligature/kerning
> builder to allow kerning between two ligatures.  (With TeX it is
> only possible to kern between a ligature/character and the following
> character.  Even if the following character will form a ligature
> afterwards, TeX doesn't support ligature-ligature or character-
> ligature kerning because of the necessity to backstep.)

Many thanks for this. I have just run into trouble with endashes in
Gill Sans. (r hyphen) is kerned, and looks neat. TeX therefore gives
(r endash) has the same kern, which makes the endash nearly collide
with the r, as endash is further from the baseline than hyphen...

Is there any way around this except a future e-TeX?


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