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Text symbol encodings

During the 10th Unicode conference at MAinz, I had some discussion with 
Chris and Frank about the different encodings.

Out of these discussions, it seems appropriate to agree on two new 

TS0 := TS1 \cap {Adobe Standard Encoding}

TS0X:= TS1 \cap ({Adobe Standard encoding} \cup {Adobe Expert Encoding})

IMO, the code positions should be the same as in TS1, such that 

TS0 \subset TS0X \subset TS1.

Yours, J"org Knappen.

P.S. For recent information on the TS1 encoding (including information on 
some command names which I have changed after discussions with Chris) 
consult my wep page 


The main page is in german, but most leaf docoment are in english.

I want you to check the following two lists, if they are correct and 


  all of TS0 plus
The 10 oldstyle digits, comma, and period

*** The End ***