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Re: Arial fonts

> You don't say what TeX system you are using.  Several allow you to use
> TrueType fonts directly.  These have their own method for writing TFM files.

I'm using tetex under linux. Unfortunatly it does not allow to use TTF directly
since TTF is, as far as I know, MS specific.

> If you must have Type 1, get Arial MT from Adobe (http://www.adobe.com)
> or MonoType.  At one point Arial MT was bundled with ATM for Windows.

Yes, good hint, I will check that (especially whether I can effort the

> I wouldn't recommend converting between font formats since the hinting
> will be lost, and `auto hinting' substituted. But if you must do this,
> use TypeDesigner which does a slightly better job than some of the others.

I guess TypeDesigner is running on Win95 or NT right? But that
shouldn't be a problem because it's ok to convert fonts there,
although I prefer to run TeX itself in my favorite environment.

> MicroSoft's Arial is one of a very small number of TrueType fonts
> with outstanding hinting (done by Type Solutions in New Hampshire).
> You can tell how much work this was by converting to Type 1 form and back
> again: the file size shrinks by one half!

Well, I'm rather clueless when it comes to typesetting and font
details. This is the reason why I enjoy LaTeX so much. The guys that
have implemented it are professionals, so fortunatly I don't need to
be one too. 

Thanks for your help,


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