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Re: Arial fonts

On Wed, 14 May 1997 09:48:37 +0200, Bernd Hertel wrote:

>I'm looking for an Arial (or similar) font to use under LaTeX. The
>format can be mf.


what about the CM Bright font family (mf format)?
You can find it in the CTAN directory  fonts/cmbright.
I do not dare to compare it to Arial (=Helvetica), but
it provides a full set of mathematical fonts, incl. all
the AMS fonts, too  At the moment the text fonts are
available only with traditional (OT1) encoding.

In the next two weeks or so an update will be released,
providing T1 (=EC) and TS1 (= text companion) fonts,
plus more font shapes.

You want to see how it looks in a real book? See the 

  Proceedings of the Ninth European TeX Conference (1995).

The fonts used were a beta version of CM Bright and have
been improved further in the meantime.



Walter Schmidt <wschmi@ibm.net>
Schornbaumstrasse 2,  91052 Erlangen,  Germany