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CM Bright Fonts


I would like to announce the availability of the

       COMPUTER MODERN BRIGHT FONTS, version 1.0c.

`Computer Modern Bright' is a family of sans serif fonts for
TeX and LaTeX, coming in METAFONT format.  It comprises text
fonts of various shapes as well as all the fonts necessary
for mathematical typesetting, incl.  the AMS symbols.

Being `lighter' and less obtrusive than CMSS, CM Bright has
been designed as a well legible standalone font, suitable 
for typesetting complete documents.

With this new version the text fonts are now available with
*traditional*, *EC* and *text companion* encoding.

Together with CM Bright there comes a family of typewriter
fonts, `CM Typwewriter Light', which look better in
combination with CM Bright than the CMTT fonts would do.

In addition to the fonts all the necessary LaTeX interface 
files are provided.

The software resides in the CTAN directory fonts/cmbright.



Walter Schmidt <wschmi@ibm.net>
Schornbaumstrasse 2,  91052 Erlangen,  Germany