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Re: sites for downloading afm-files

Concernant « Re: sites for downloading afm-files », K. Berry écrit :
 > I think there are programs that are able to generate afm files from pfb
 > and/or pfm, but unfortunately I don't have any specific pointers.
 > Maybe someone else on this list can help more.

under dos &/or unix, you have getmetric that does a very good job
(found on ctan in the archive t1tools (or t1utils?)

someone told me too that there exist some tools from y&y that do this
kind of things. 

The usual disclaimer is that when you buy your fonts, you should be
able to ask for the afm (or it should be automatically supplied). 

best wishes 
   Thierry Bouche.       -----       thierry.bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr