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Ibycus4, an upgrade of the Ibygrk Greek package

The Ibycus4 package (the name is a intended as a tribute to David
Packard's Ibycus system, but this package has no connection with
any work done by the Packard Humanities Institute) is available
on osman.classics.washington.edu 
[] in ~ftp/pub/tex, in 4 forms.
1. iby4str is a streamed SVR4 (Solaris) package, ready for installation
2, iby4str.gz is the same thing gzipped.  There doesn't seem to be any
way to zcat such a file and pipe it into pkgadd.  gunzip has to
be used as a separate operation/
3. ibycus4.tar.gz is a SVR4 (Solaris) package in spool directory format
if untarred into the directory /var/spool/pkg it is ready for pkgadd
4. ibycus4.zip is for non-Unix sites.  It includes all the genuine files
of Ibycus4 in an 8+3 TDS-conformant style, but not the symbolic links 
that make life pleasanter in the Unix world.
Changes in setwidths have been made, so spacing will be a bit different
(and better, I hope).  Some small improvements in input coding are
made (the 4 distinguishes the new input coding from the old 3 coding).
For other details see the README file.

Here is the relevant extract from the README file.  Ibycus3 is what 
was previously known as ibygrk.

        I have tried to keep incompatible codings to the minimum
        but the ibycus3 versions of the following were extremely
        undesirable.  These are all simplifications of ibycus3 coding.
        The mark of elision is ' or {'} (the form in braces may be
        needed to prevent ' from being read as an accent).
        Single quotes may be provided by ` {`} and ' {'}, (isolate them 
        in braces if necessary). Double quotes are `` {``} and
        '' {''} (isolate in braces if necessary).  < and > are the
        angle brackets used for conjectural supplements. 

The prefix in Karl Berry's font-naming scheme is "fib".  The full
naming scheme is provided in the README file.

|                             N O T I C E                               |
|  Please note the changes in address and telephone number below.       |
|  There is no Northwest Computing Support Center any longer.           |
|  Until further notice, I shall be continuing to provide tape          |
|  distributions  and whatever other services I can.                    |
|                                                                       |
Email concerned with UnixTeX distribution software may be sent 
To:     mackay@cs.washington.edu		Pierre A. MacKay
Smail:  Department of Classics			Emeritus Druid for
	Denny Hall, Mail Stop DH-10		Unix-flavored TeX
	University of Washington
	Seattle, WA 98195
	(206) 543-2268 (Message recorder)