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Complete Spectrum font support?

I just purchased the SpectrumMT fonts from Adobe and noticed that I
have a more complete set than is available in ctan/fonts/psfonts.  I
have the complete set listed in monotype.map:

msmr8r   SpectrumMT MSpectrum
msmr8x   SpectrumMT-Expert
msmrc8r  SpectrumMT-SC
msmri7d  SpectrumMT-ItalicOsF
msmri8r  SpectrumMT-Italic MSpectrum-Italic
msmri8x  SpectrumMT-ItalicExpert
msms7d   SpectrumMT-SemiBoldOsF
msms8r   SpectrumMT-SemiBold MSpectrum-SemiBold
msms8x   SpectrumMT-SemiBoldExpert

Tried to install them on teTeX with those names and found that th
bundled fontinst didn't use them.  Could someone tell me how to create
TeX font files for these fonts (including the hacked fontinst in the
ctan/fonts/psfonts/tools dir, if needed) and distribute them so that
others need not face the same frustration?

Alan Shutko <ats@acm.org> - By consent of the corrupted
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