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levygrk--Silvio Levy's source as a SVR4 package.

Because they may be need for font generation in Ibycus4, I have reshaped
Silvio Levy's source files into a package.  I have changed nothing
in these files, which come from a 1994 archive on CTAN.  Only
the arrangement into a package is new.  A couple of *.tex filenames
had to be massaged into 8+3 limits for the Intel world.  Symbolic
links attach them to their original names.

1. levystr is a streamed SVR4 (Solaris) package, ready for installation
2, levystr.gz is the same thing gzipped.  There doesn't seem to be any
way to zcat such a file and pipe it into pkgadd.  gunzip has to
be used as a separate operation.
3. levygrk.tar.gz is a SVR4 (Solaris) package in spool directory format.
If untarred into the directory /var/spool/pkg it is ready for pkgadd
4. levygrk.zip is for non-Unix sites.  It includes all the genuine files
of levygrk in an 8+3 TDS-conformant style, but not the symbolic links
that make life pleasanter in the Unix world.

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