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Re: sites for downloading afm-files

   Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 12:17:17 +0200 (CET)
   From: Jan P Glaescher <Jan.P.Glaescher@psychol.uni-giessen.de>
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   Hi psfonts experts,

   I noticed in the `README´ of `fontname´ that you are one of
   the maintainers of this naming scheme.  Since there are
   fontname lists of the Digital Typeface Corporation and Bitstream
   included, I thought that you might know a web of ftp site where
   I can download the matching afm-files for my psfonts of these
   two companies, which I unfortunately only have in the *.pfb and
   *.pfm format.  I would really appreciate _any_ hints on this
   question --- even the home site of the Digital Typeface Corporation
   would help since the common search engines were not able to find
   this site on the web.

   Thanks for any hints in advance,

AFAIK, DTC is out of business.  AFAI remember they made low grade rip-offs
of mostly BitStream fonts, which themselves may be of dubious heritage,
according to some ("We did contact the designers and offered to pay
them royalties, but they wanted too much...").

Why to you need the AFMs?  If you just need TFMs you may be able to 
generate these in your TeX system after installing the fonts using ATM.

Perhaps you can use Y&Y's Font Manipulation Package. It includes
PFAtoAFM and PFMtoAFM, which together construct as complete and
accurate an AFM file as you can get if you don't have the original.

Regards, Berthold.

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