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Re: using psfonts

On Thu, 4 September 1997 08:28:14 +0200,
Paul Igodt <Paul.Igodt@kulak.ac.be> writes:
 >   I wanted to try the adobe/univers  fonts.
 >   When asking dvips to treat the .dvi file, I used the
 >   "dvips -Ppun ..." 
 >   command, which produces
 > " dvips: ! Couldn't find header file punr8a.pfb "
 >   I cannot locate anywhere on our system this .pfb file however...
 >   Can anyone make a diagnosis and help in taking off with psfonts?

You have to _buy_ the Univers PostScript font sources, they are not
(and can not be) included legally.

Btw. you have to pay money for almost all fonts, only a few are for

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