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using psfonts

Dear PSfonts-specialists,

  I wanted to try out, for the first time ever, the use of psnfss and of
(some of) the psfonts used on
 the CTAN sites.
  I ftp-ed the necessary stuff from CTAN and tried to install properly,
at least, what I thought I would

  I wanted to try the adobe/univers  fonts.

  I prepared this minimal .tex file:

\textsf De tekst zelf
  Composing went fine.
  When asking dvips to treat the .dvi file, I used the

  "dvips -Ppun ..." 
  command, which produces

" dvips: ! Couldn't find header file punr8a.pfb "

  I cannot locate anywhere on our system this .pfb file however...

  Can anyone make a diagnosis and help in taking off with psfonts?



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