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Re: using psfonts

>  I wanted to try out, for the first time ever, the use of psnfss and of (some of) the psfonts used on  the CTAN sites.
>  I ftp-ed the necessary stuff from CTAN and tried to install properly, at least, what I thought I would need.

>  I wanted to try the adobe/univers  fonts.

To use a font, you need the font :-)

Generally on IBM PC you would want the *.PFB file for the font
and *.PFM for Windows and an *.AFM files.  
These are available from the font vendor.
In your case Adobe.  http://www.adobe.com

You are not the first to be misled by the TeX book 
calling a TFM metric file a `font.'

Regards, Berthold.