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Monotype Spectrum fonts

I have the Monotype Spectrum Expert set fonts, and I'm trying to use
the modified fontinst in the psfonts dir on CTAN to create the
necessary TeX files to use them.  Unfortunately, I must be naming the
AFM files incorrectly, because things don't work after I copy
everything in the right places.

Here's the names I have for the AFM files, hoping that they match up
with something:

Directory /usr/lib/texmf/texmf/fonts/afm/monotype/spectrum/
msmr8a.afm   msmrc8a.afm  msmri8a.afm  msms7d.afm   msms8x.afm
msmr8x.afm   msmri7d.afm  msmri8x.afm  msms8a.afm

The original names are:

Directory /home/ats/psfonts/e*.afm
ekexp___.afm  ekio____.afm  ekrg____.afm  eksbo___.afm	eksc____.afm
eki_____.afm  ekixp___.afm  eksb____.afm  eksbx___.afm

I think that I've misnamed things, because I get these errors trying
to use the font in LaTeX:

(/usr/lib/texmf/texmf/tex/latex/spectrum/spectrum.sty) (resume-spectrum.aux)
(/usr/lib/texmf/texmf/tex/latex/spectrum/OT1msm.fd)kpathsea: Running MakeTeXTFM msms7t.tfm 
MakeTeXTFM: Running mf \mode:=ljfour; mag:=1; scrollmode; input msms7t
This is METAFONT, Version 2.718 (C version 6.1)

kpathsea: Running MakeTeXMF msms7t.mf 
! I can't find file `msms7t.mf'.
Actually, looking at it... I didn't get any 7t files out of fontinst.
Any ideas why?

(Sorry for the very confused message... I am quite confused about the naming.)

Alan Shutko <ats@acm.org> - By consent of the corrupted
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