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Worldwide Satellite Communications

I need your help.

I'm conducting an online web-based survey that I'd like your involvement
in. Its about what we in the computer field think about cell phones
becoming satellite phones, and global connectivity.

Its not long, and its aimed at folks who are interested in, or are
supporting, people who travel and want to stay connected. Its about us who
support travelers.

The study is being conducted on line, and by participating, you'll also be
able to directly see the results there as well. Feel free to continue to
drop by and see how it is shaping up.

Who's it for?  We aren't being paid for this. We are doing it for research.
We are going to share our information with Iridium and anyone else who is
asking (you can have it too).

Will we sell the data? No. We will give it away to anyone who wants to look
at it on the Internet. All you have to do is hit print or save and you have
the results.

Why should you participate? Because if you are like me, an IS manager, you
probably think that worldwide communications either stinks or is almost
impossible. There is a new player coming into the market and after talking
with them a while, I think we should send them a message about what we
believe. If we don't we are at fault if they build something we don't like.
If they build something we don't feel will work, well then that's silly on
their part.

Is it anonymous? Yep. We aren't even going to ask for your name. No cookie
tracking, no nothing. No follow up spam trying to sell you something. It's
not about that.

Can you refer others? Yes, especially if you live overseas. I hate it when
American companies try to foist their beliefs on everyone in the world. I'm
looking to get at least a couple of hundred responses within the next
couple of days.

If you are wondering, I have your name from either a business card, or one
of the bizillion lists I belong to. No, you won't get further mail about
this, so don't worry about asking to be taken off of a list.


The URL for entering information is:http://survey.fallon.com

The URL for looking at the results is:http://survey.fallon.com/results.html


Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it.