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Fontinst and expert fonts?

I was playing with the modified version of fontinst (in
CTAN:fonts/psfonts/tools/finst) to install my Spectrum Expert set in
the 8r encoding.  It doesn't appear to be noticing my expert fonts,
which I've named

msmr8x.afm   msmri8x.afm  msms8x.afm (as per monotype.map)

since I'm not getting the ff, ffi, ffl ligatures.  I'm also getting
errors like this in my run

Raw font written on msms8r.pl.
(msms8r.mtx) (../../finst/8r.mtx) (../../finst/8r.etx) (../../finst/8r.etx
Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `ffi'.
Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `ffl'.
Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `ff'.
) (../../finst/8r.etx)
Font written on msms8r.pl.

Anyone have ideas what I'm doing wrong?  (I probably missnamed the afm
files again... 8^)

Alan Shutko <ats@acm.org> - By consent of the corrupted
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